Super Fighter


Two-dimensional fighting, 90s-style



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Super Fighter is a two-dimensional fighting game that uses similar technology to that of games made in the 90s to offer an authentic experience both in terms of graphics as well as gameplay.

You can select your player from a roster of more than 10 characters, each with their own normal, special, and super attacks. There are strong but slow characters like the Russian Sarkov, and fast but weak characters like the mysterious Bullet; but in general each fighter has their own strong and weak points.

One thing that separates Super Fighter from other titles in the genre is that it only has two attack buttons. One is for kicking and the other is for punching, while a combination of both will of course enable you to perform combos and special attacks.

This is the 20th anniversary version of Super Fighter. Not only does it include animations that are more fluid than the original, but it also has an improved soundtrack and additional attacks.

Super Fighter is a traditional two-dimensional fighting game. Despite its old-fashioned graphics, it's pure fun for one or two players.
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